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Are you looking for the Best Amazon Apps for Firestick TV? So, you are at the right place to visit, we have collected the 10 Best Amazon Apps for Firestick TV.

Firestick TV is an online streaming device that provides video-on-demand content. With Firestick TV you can use several applications like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and more to make your viewing experience top-notch. Since Firestick TV is not all about viewing and watching videos, you also get some other applications to do other basic things like music apps, everyone loves music, right? With Firestick TV you can download a music app and create your playlist to get the best audio frequency/sound boost.

If you are a big-time gamer, and you love watching your favourite characters/avatars play, then you are in luck! With Firestick TV 4k resolution you can play your favourite games with the best graphics resolution and a great audio boost you can enjoy watching games like never before. With Firestick TV, you have several options to keep yourself busy/entertained. All you need to do is download the apps that fit your preference/favourite contents on Amazon, sit back, and enjoy being entertained like never before.

To install apps on your Fire TV, all you need to do is Go to the Amazon app store from your browser, search for the amazon app you will like to download on your Firestick TV, and Select Get it. It’s that easy! If you are confused about the best apps to download on your Firestick TV, in this article, you will get a clue on the apps that everyone should probably get.

Best Amazon Apps for Firestick TV

1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that provides you with original Netflix production content and other content on your device. It supports quite a number of devices, but most importantly, it supports Firestick devices. Using Netflix on your Firestick devices is one of the best things you can do with your Fire TV as you get several amazing options to choose from. On the “My list” option, Netflix allows you to search for TV shows and movies that are available with different categories like Comedy, Drama, TV shows, and more. With Netflix on Firestick TV, you can use your Fire Stick Alexa voice control to interact with Nexflix and get high-definition movies and shows. You also get subtitles, alternate audio, and captions and you have the leisure of streaming any Netflix originals and downloading to your offline playlist.

2. Hulu

If Hulu is your preferred streaming app, then you have nothing to worry about as Hulu works perfectly on Firestick devices and grants you access to all your favourite live TV shows and other available contents. With Hulu on your Firestick TV, you get exclusive features like multi-user and profiles and kids profiles (limited viewing contents for the kids). You can easily download Hulu from Amazon on your Firestick TV and enjoy your favourite original movies, TV shows and live sport and music content. Since Hulu provides original contents from Walt Disney, Comcast, 21-century fox, and AT&T you have nothing to worry about when it comes to being entertained with Hulu on your Firestick TV.

3. Youtube

With youtube on Firestick TV, you get access to one of the vastest video streaming apps on your device. You get a chance to watch the funniest videos, music videos, and most informative videos on your Firestick TV as well as access to your subscriptions and a speedy search using keywords. Also, you can use your Firestick TV Alexa remote to access videos, get speedy responses and many more exclusive features. You can easily search for Youtube on your Amazon app store or use your Alexa remote (just say Youtube) and get this very popular streaming app working on your Firestick TV.

4. Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming app that provides a wide range of video content from its developer and several other contents. This app provides your Firestick TV with a lot of sony entertainment content for free. All you have to do is download Crackle from the Amazon app store or the Amazon website and enjoy watching movies and your favourite TV shows. With crackle on your Firestick TV, you can use the Alexa voice control to easily search for movies or any content you want with no cost. The only cost that is incurred on this platform is the intrusion of your movies with ads (there’s a maximum of 8 short ads on a 2hour movie and fewer ads on movies with shorter durations) which amounts to no costs at all.

5. Spotify

How cool is it that you can listen to your favourite music tracks on your Firestick TV? I bet you said very! With lots of exclusive features provided by Firestick TV, you can listen to your favourite music tracks using Spotify on your Amazon Firestick TV. Simply download Spotify from the Amazon app on your Firestick device and start streaming your favourite music online. You can connect your Spotify account to your Firestick TV and use the Alexa voice control to search for music speedily. With voice control, you can simply say Alexa, play Spotify, resume Spotify, or stop Spotify, depending on the command you will like to give. With Spotify on your Firestick TV, you can enjoy listening to podcasts, browse playlists, albums, and cover songs and get high-quality audio with no ads.

6. Allcast Receiver

This app allows you to cast/view media files from your mobile device on a wider screen. With Allcast on your Firestick TV, you can view the videos, music, and photos on your mobile device with your Firestick TV. All you need to do is ensure that your mobile device and firestick are running on the same network. You can easily download Allcast on your Firestick from the Amazon app store or Amazon webpage and enjoy casting your media files on a wider screen with a better visual resolution, audio quality, and other exclusive features.

7. Twitch

Twitch is an app that allows you to watch different gameplays from various game streams at your leisure. This gaming app supports several devices and luckily for you, Firestick TV too! You can stream games from the various twitch channels like LIRIK, ManVsGame, Towelliee, and several other channels. With Twitch on your Firestick TV, you will get a front seat experience of your favourite games along with other privileges. You can browse live channel games to watch or play, get an inside scoop of top developers that broadcast on Twitch, get speedy responses using Alexa voice control and enjoy many other exclusive features.

8. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Since you will be doing a lot of online streaming on your Firestick TV, protecting your Ip address and VPN is the safest thing to do. With Private Internet Access, your online dealings and personal information are secured and well protected from activities you have not given authorization or approval. With Private Internet Access, your Internet connection is encrypted, you have P2P support, an option to block trackers, ads, malware, and spying, for ten devices at the same time. You also have access to unlimited bandwidths with no traffic logs. Private Internet Access is very easy to use and set up. All you have to do is download it from the Amazon Appstore and subscribe to a token. On your first subscription, you get a 2 months free subscription with maximum security.

9. Downloader

Downloader is a very popular app used by most Firestick TV users. This app allows you to download apps and files that cannot be gotten on Amazon. You can simply download and install Downloader from Amazon on your Firestick device and enjoy access to apps and other contents that are not available on your Firestick device. With downloader on your Firestick TV, you not only have access to foreign contents and files but you also get Managerial features as Downloader is designed to manage your apps and files without the intrusion of ads.

10. Calculator

You can download and use the calculator on your Firestick TV from the Amazon Appstore or Amazon Webpage. This calculator offers you several exclusive features like predictive calculations, a history of previously calculated features, numerous updates, and several calculation signs. With Calculator on your Firestick device, you can make calculations on a wider screen with lots of exclusive features.


With all these apps on your Firestick and more, you can make your Firestick TV a home full of all the files, apps, and contents for your maximum comfort. With the various streaming apps, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows including short comic videos and other informative videos that keep you up to date on several happenings around the world. Enjoy your favourite gameplays and gaming contents with Twitch and get maximum security with Private Internet Access. With the music app, you can stream your favourite music tracks and cast all media files on your mobile device with Allcast. With other apps like Downloader, you can access files that are not available on Amazon Appstore, download and get full access to run the apps, or stream the contents on your Firestick TV. So, hurry and get these amazing apps working for you like magic!

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