6 Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones [July 2021]

There are instances when you have to edit videos on the go. In such situations, a good mobile video editor can be very helpful for an individual. Though the free versions of such video editors cannot compete in features with paid video software, they still can do those basic editing well. In this article, we will throw light on some video editors for smartphones.

Best Video Editing Apps

6 Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones


With the help of this youtube video editor, you can make interesting youtube videos. Apart from this, this app can be used to make amazing videos. The amazing tools and features available with this app ensure that both amateurs and professionals can handle this tool with equal ease. With the help of this tool, you can transform any video content into amazing videos. This tool is perfect for media houses, small businesses, individual uses, and brands. They can use these videos to reach out to their potential customers. From video making to editing to managing the videos, you can do all these actions in this online tool.

The advantage of using InVideo is that one can make normal and viral videos using this app. Also, the user-friendly interface and amazing customer support make it very useful for video creators. The huge number of templates available also makes it useful for users to make great videos with this app.


This is a good video editor that enables one to make incredible videos. Some of the editing features such as trim, cut and others are present in this video editor. The app supports slow and fast-motion editing, reverse play, and so on. Hence, apart from the basic editing, one can also use this editor for importing videos and pictures. You can also preview the clips and share them directly on social media. Not only this, this video editor comes with multiple filters, themes, soundtracks, and motion and still graphics.

The advantage is that it supports slow-motion editing of the videos and reverse play. It also helps to take aspect ready shots focusing on the target audience. The disadvantage is that it has a watermark clip and this can be removed only if you have a subscription. The editor does not support multi-track editing of videos, and neither does it support 4K videos.


The video editor comprises some of the most basic functions of editing videos and adjusting them. This is different from FilmoraGo as it supports the editing and creation of 4K videos.

Apart from this, you can easily record videos, add additional music for making soundtracks, record videos, and even transform the videos by using amazing action effects. Using this editor, you can also highlight the important moments in the video.

The advantages include editing and creation of 4K videos and adding fast and slow-motion effects. The disadvantage is it does not support any layers or filters like the other video editing apps.

Premiere Rush

The app is the mobile-friendly version of Premiere Pro. This is considered the most useful video editing software. This is a cross video editor that comes with inbuilt cameras and helps you to make quality videos using smartphones.

For the pro-video creators, the multiple timeline editing along with the ability to sync with the cloud is a great advantage. These features are not present in FilmoraGo. Apart from these, the app also has auto-ducking features and motion graphics.

The advantage of this app is that it supports exporting videos for the premium version. Multiple timeline editing is an added advantage. The disadvantage is that there is no specification about the size of the output video. You cannot do unlimited exports from the free plan.


For those individuals who love making music videos or lip-sync videos, this is the ideal mobile video editor. All the basic editing functions like merge, cut, trim, effects, and filters are all available with this app. It also comes equipped with more than a hundred video effects. This helps one to make their video effects too. After you make a video, it’s easy to share it on social media.

The advantage is that it has all the basic features useful for editing and one can make their effects. The disadvantage of this app is it has fewer transitions, effects, and filters when compared with the other apps. When the user tries to save the videos, the reports of the pro effects annoy the users.


This app is extremely user friendly and helps one to make creative animation videos. The interface of this app helps one to easily import the videos and perform basic editing. It also comes equipped with advanced features too. Using this app, you can add voice-overs and also control them. You can add video layers, add special effects along with the reverse videos. Chroma key compositing is available for compositing double videos or images based on the colour hues.

The advantage of this app is that it supports multiple layers while making a video. It also supports voice changers, voice-overs, sound effects, etc. The disadvantage of using this app is adding a watermark to the videos. This is only removed after one gets the subscription. Even a few advanced features are available only after you subscribe.


Hence, these are some of the video editing apps for smartphones that you must know about. Having a good idea about the apps will help you to understand which app will suit your needs the most.

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