Best Apps For Call Recording on Android

In certain conditions or for those who work in journalism, recording phone calls is another routine. This phone recording work is none other than to facilitate the preparation of coverage material based on information from resource persons, without having to state or remember the information that is often feared to be lost and forgotten.

Many of the latest smartphones have embedded video call recorder features in them. Users may simply find this feature on the Call option. By digging deeper into the setting, you might find other functions as well.

Best Apps For Call Recording on Android

But, if you don’t find it on your smartphone, don’t panic because there are many Android applications for recording calls on the Play Store; here are some of the most popular you may find:

1. Automatic Call Recorder – Call Team

This application is used to record incoming and outgoing calls. Relax; the sound created is clear enough because all is recorded in HD. Automatic Call Recorder also ensures the safety of its users. The existence of a personal password evidences this to ensure recording privacy.

Later, every incoming call will be automatically recorded in this application. You can play it repeatedly if you want to gain any possible information from it.

2. Automatic Call Recorder & Hide App Pro CallBOX

Want to record a conversation in secret? One of the best call recording apps that you need to install is this Automatic Call Recorder & Hide App Pro. The specialty of this application is that its icon can be hidden so that no one will know if you have this application installed.

Not only that, but this application also comes with your own password. How to use it is also pretty straightforward. Just shake the gadget, the application will immediately record the call. Relatively easy, right?

3. RMC Android Call Recorder

Next, you can use the RMC Android Call Recorder application. This application also does not want to lose in providing the best performance for the users. This is evident from the quality of the call recorder that delivers detailed audio clarity.

You can also adjust the audio quality settings, ranging from popular audio formats, audio channel modes (mono or stereo), or the amount of bitrate.

Set the recording activation by contact name. Just tick the name of the contact you want to record calls for, then RMC Android Call Recorder will record every call you make with the contact owner.

As the name implies, the function is limited to record calls only. But what if you’re encountering another form of a problem? For example, sometimes may feel some applications can’t be opened suddenly, like YouTube, for example. This can be happened because of geo-restrictions that may occur in some regions. Of course, you need a more specialized service to remove this barrier.

A dependable VPN service can take you out of this problem quickly and easily. Have a simple way to unblock YouTube on any device, and enjoy the full experience as a whole.

4. Cube Call Recorder

The Cube Call Recorder app can be set to record all incoming calls automatically. Later, when there are outgoing or incoming calls, you don’t need to press any buttons.

This happens because this application will automatically start recording the conversation in any of the calls. If you don’t want to be recorded, it’s easy to set a whitelist of contacts with which you don’t want to save the conversation.

The advantage of this application, besides being able to record via cellular calls, users are also able to record conversations through a series of the latest chat applications, like Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook, or Line.

5. Call Recorder – Lovekara

Although the appearance of this application is a bit old school, the toughness and clarity of the recording quality it produces deserve thumbs up.

In fact, it can be said that this application by Lovekara has the same quality as an Android voice recorder application recorded in a studio.

Besides looking like a classic, this application can be considered much easier for anyone to use because of its more specific settings. After being recorded, the sound will come out in mp3 format and can be directly stored on the SD card.

6. Call Recorder ACR

With a simpler design, this application is able to group call recordings based on incoming or outgoing calls. In addition, this application will automatically delete old call recordings.

Well, the cool thing is, Call Recorder ACR can be integrated with the best free cloud storage application of your choice, like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also choose the recording format, like MP3, MP4, 4GP, OOG, or WAV.

In addition, ACR has advantages that are not found in other applications, such as automatically detecting the caller’s identity, like the GetContact application.

7. Call Recorder by Green Apple Studio

Developed by Green Apple Studio, this application can also record incoming and outgoing calls with unquestionable quality. In addition, the files that will be stored are small and won’t take up your storage. Later, you can choose whether you want to record incoming calls, outgoing calls, both, or not at all.

You can also set Call Recorder, whether you want this application to record automatically or not. Get this free application only on Google Play.

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