Best Atari 5200 Emulators for PC (Windows, Mac & Linux) [2021]

In this article, we’ll discuss the Best Atari 5200 Emulators. Atari 5200 was developed in 1982 and since then, it has been in the market. When it was developed, it was the only gaming console that had four connectivity ports for controllers and an automatic switch box that enabled you to switch your regular TV to the gaming system.

Although this console did not hit the market as hard as its former, Atari 2600, it was popular for great performance, efficiency, and durability. The console was however denigrated because it could not play the games in Atari 2600 which was the reason for its elapse only after two years of being in the market.

Best Atari 5200 Emulators

The Atari Gaming console was popular for its exclusive features and high-performance rate. Getting the best gameplay also depended on the emulator used. We always advise bug-free emulators or emulators with little bugs are since bugs would only slow your gaming progress.

Atari 5200 Emulator


Altira is an open-source emulator for Atari 5200. It was released in 2009 which makes it more advanced than the older emulators. It is regarded as one of the best emulators for Atari 5200 and provides the best emulation for Atari.

The Altirra emulator provides full-cycle emulation for its supported hardware features and amazing extra features. Altirra accurately emulates multiple disk loads with realistic sound and timing. It allows for audio and video recording, cheats trainer, and other exclusive features.

It is a powerful debugger so you do not have to worry about performance. Altirra emulator is very speedy and powerful, which guarantees you a wonderful gaming performance.

Atari 800

This multiplayer provides a platform that is open source for Atari 5200. It was written for Atari 8-bit computers but soon became one of the best emulators for Atari 5200 because when the developers took on the emulator from the manufacturer.

This emulator supports several gaming consoles including Linux, Unix, Amiga, Windows, Sega Dreamcast, and more. Since the emulator was written with portability in mind, it enabled the creation of ports to other various devices.

The Atari 800 offers a simple user interface, great sound support, and two POKEYs stereo emulators. With real joystick support screenshots and its other unique features, it is about the best emulator for your Atari 5200 gaming console.


This emulator may come with a few setbacks including pair collision but it is a very good emulator for your Atari 5200. It supports various devices including Mac and is highly functional. With great sound efficiency and graphic resolution, this emulator is very efficient.

Jum52 hardly has many bugs, so be certain to get speedy gameplay. It comes with other features and maintenance including a user interface, developer support, and adequate storage space to save your game progress.


This emulator operates on a closed source platform. It was developed by Chris Lam and was the first emulator for Atari 5200 to run on the Mac Operating system. With its great compatibility rate, this emulator is one of the best for Atari 5200 gaming consoles.

Rainbow was a great debugger and guaranteed speedy gameplay with its high tech capacity.  With joystick support and a full-screen display, the emulator looks very classy. It has a great audio boost and a high level of compatibility.

The Jum52 emulator offered  400/800 emulation which was about the highest at that time. With trace tools for viewing internal chips state and other exclusive functions, this emulator was very impressive.


Atari++ is an open-source emulator that operates at no charge. It runs on all other Atari computer systems like every other Atari compatible emulator. It is equipped with advanced features.

It is very accurate in replicating your gaming console and the features of its other supported devices. Its graphic emulation is quite original and it has a sound audio emulation with its advanced sound system. It is highly compatible and very easy to use and set up.

This emulator provides you with a simple user interface and developer support. It is speedy in emulating and guarantees you a great gaming performance.


The Atari gaming console is very old compared to the advanced technology in current times. But it is the best way to get that nostalgic gaming vibe on. Most of the emulators for this console are old and may not meet up to the highly advanced emulators in the market today, but be sure to get your old gaming experience back with these pretty good emulators.

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