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In this article, we’ll show you the best Threadripper Motherboard. Unlike previous CPU technology, the design and build-up of the Threadripper are entirely different. In Threadripper, a Modular design is merged with an Inventive boundless fabric which yields a speedy PC performance.

The Threadripper is very fast and has a great multitasking ability, it features 64 PCIe, 128GB dual-channel, about 12 t0 32 cores. Great Overclocking ability, 3 M.2 drives for super-fast SSD, 3.5 and 2.5 quiet hard drives, dual 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports amongst other advanced features.

Best Threadripper Motherboard

AMD’s Threadripper is the real deal as it offers high performance, durability, and efficiency. It can be used for exceptional gaming, advanced photoshopping, video editing, and utmost computing sturdiness. Threadripper is the route to an ultimate experience and high-performance output. It is strong, has great aesthetics, great overclocking ability amongst other exclusive features.

The AMD Threadripper is an outstanding CPU that yields high-end performance, has a great overclocking pace, is speedy and very efficient. Getting a motherboard that best suits its utilization may seem quite a task considering the difference in their abilities, level of functionality, price, and brands.

You would want to know about a motherboard before you get it? It’s easy. Simply read on the five best Motherboard for Threadripper below.

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ASRock X399 PRO Gaming

The ASRock X399 Fatal1ty PRO Gaming is clothed with the ideal components to meet and even exceed your needs and requirements of a Motherboard. It possesses four PCIe 3.0×16 slots which makes the Motherboard relatively strong, 2 USB Gen 3.1 ports, (type A and type C) amongst other exclusive features.

This Motherboard has a good LED with two digits display. Good overclocking attribute and an advanced build-up yet it sells at a quite affordable price. It allows for attachment of storage components and is very effective in boosting your gaming performance as it increases your gaming level with its unique gaming tools which makes your game go easier and faster.


  • The front USB 3.0 panels have headers
  • Solid aesthetic design
  • Good LED debug


  • Bad Manual and Technical support

Buy NowWith the aesthetics of a professional gaming Motherboard which is deemed ideal for 10GB Ethernet. As an 11 phase VRM Motherboard, with premium components, it is highly commendable and has a high-performance rate.

ASRock X399 Gaming Taichi

The ASRock X399 Gaming Taichi is a well-branded Motherboard, known for maximum efficiency and high-end performance. This Motherboard houses unique features that include; 129GB RAM DDR4 memory capacity, 8 288-pin DIMM memory slots amongst others.

ASRock X399 Gaming Taichi is quite affordable, very reliable and is a great match for Threadrippers as its sturdiness of the Motherboard would utilize its potentials adequately. It also has a great aesthetic design that could be considered quite fancy.


  • It has headers around its angles
  • Great aesthetic design
  • It is highly efficient
  • Incredible overclocking

Buy NowASRock X399 Gaming Taichi is a highly functioning Motherboard that is commendable for efficiency, effectiveness, sturdiness, speed and great overclocking. It supports a four-way SLI and AMD crossfire and is built for advanced gaming and other tasks.

Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme

This Motherboard offers everything you would presume any high-end motherboard would. It’s power and cooling delivery is outrageous and it offers advanced audio and due to its ALC12200-VB audio codec with other unique features like 10+3 VRM design, quad memory channels, very durable power connectors amongst others.

It has a wireless built-in AC, two Ethernet ports which is very amazing and rare to have, four PCie slots (16), with proper voltage settings, this motherboard can run up to 4GHz on 32 cores comfortably. You also have a great selection of USB ports, M.2 NVMe slots (3) and also 10Gb Ethernet.


  • Great out of the box features
  • Built-in 10Gb Ethernet


  • Overclocking is quite limited

Buy NowThe Gigabyte X399 AORUS Gaming 7 is a very competitive motherboard, as its amazing features and high-end performance comes at a very meagre cost. It’s sturdy overclocking, incredible performance and number of RGB fans account for its reliability. All these exceptional features come at a relatively cheap price.

ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme

ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme is a high functioning Motherboard with great aesthetics and build-up materials. It is used for high-end tasks and maximum efficiency. Though quite expensive, this motherboard’s capabilities are exclusive and it has proven to be worth the bargain.

This Motherboard is coupled with an eight 288-pin DIMM memory slot, has a DDR4 memory type, 128GB storage capacity. It is supported by a four-way Nvidia SLI and an AMD crossfire, which allows you to select the graphics card that best suits you. All these features amongst others attest for its efficiency and high-end functioning.


  • Great RGB lighting and theme
  • 4-way SLI and AMD crossfire mount
  • It has a live dash OLED
  • Great overclocking and speedy performance

Buy NowASUS ROG Zenith Extreme is ranked the best Motherboard for Threadripper as a result of its effectiveness, high functionality and is deemed heavy duty. Asides the earlier stated features, the ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme also gives you advantageous upgrade options with compatible hardware parts which in turn increases the motherboards efficiency.

MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC is quite a unique motherboard with extreme gaming prowess, great overclocking ability and features that allows exceptional activities like 3D printing, wireless support, speedy gaming amongst other unique capabilities.

The MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC possesses armour steel PCIe slots, three Turbo M.2 with shield, luminous USB 3.1 Gen 2, completely functional DDR4 design, that boosts its memory performance and other really interesting features.


  • Stable Overclocking
  • Wifi Module


  • Performance is a bit low
  • It is quite expensive

Buy NowThe MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC stormed the market on its introduction. It has a good performance rate, high audio quality, and immersive gaming performance.


There are several great Motherboards for the AMD Threadripper but some of them may be a bit quirky in some areas. The five Motherboards above are the most recommendable for Threadrippers in the market, so take your pick based on the level of performance that suits you and your budget.

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