Best Trail Camera Under $100 (2021) – Review of Best Cheapest Cameras

The trail camera, otherwise called Game cameras are important and helpful for hunters as they deliver footages that the hunter would have otherwise not seen with their naked eye. It helps especially in a location where detecting animals is difficult, such as a forest, jungle or at night.

Trail cameras also double in function as surveillance cameras which can be attached to a properly so that the owner or occupant of the property can keep watch. There are different models and brands of trail cameras with different price tags.

Best Trail Camera Under $100

Some are quite expensive while some are affordable. While some consumers also think that the more expensive a trail camera is, the higher quality it is, we will be discussing some not-so-expensive trail cameras in this article.

It may interest you to know that some trail cameras deliver excellently despite the low price tags attached to them. This article will discuss the best trail cameras under $100 so that you can have a clear idea of the trail cameras that you can buy without breaking the bank.

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Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

This camera is great for both wildlife hunting and home security surveillance. It has a sturdy design, consumes low power and also waterproof. It has a high trigger speed, and it captures high-quality images and videos no matter the time you use this camera (both day and night).

Campark Trail Cameras

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Some of its features include a brilliant IR technology, 44 pieces of LEDs which help capture clear shots once the camera detects motion within 20 meters. It has a waterproof design which makes it a suitable trail camera for rough environments and weather elements. Other functions in this camera include Password protection, interval recording, real-time display, hybrid mode, etc.

This is quite an easy-to-use trail camera with a convenient USB connection port. Each unit that you purchase also comes with a warranty of one year.

Victure Trail Game Camera 1080 12MP

Picture Trail game camera is a suitable device for many things which include observing animals, documenting wildlife on a hunting expedition, observing moving objects and as a surveillance camera for your home or office. It features multiple recording modes such as the time-lapse, timer, interval recording, timestamp, etc.Victure Trail Game Camera

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It also features dimmed LEDs, infrared technology, a high-resolution camera, and a wide range of applications. With the Victure Trail Game Camera, your wildlife hunting is made memorable and fun. This camera can record videos in 1080P HD and capture images with its 12-megapixel lens. Its design is not much attractive, but there are no doubts about how excellently it delivers. It comes with a waterproof design, and its casing is dust-resistant.

Victure comes with a warranty of one year, and it can survive any harsh weather conditions. It also takes pictures without the annoying noise that is peculiar to many trail cameras.

Stealth Cam Single Box Trail Camera

This camera comes with a pack of three-in-one technology which includes a time-lapse mode with PIR override, ability to capture high-resolution still images of up to 14-megapixel resolution and ability to record high-definition video with audio of up to 180 seconds. The beauty of this camera is that it comes with 45 no-glow emitters that have a range of up to 100 feet.

It has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, which ensures that it captures every motion and anything within its line of vision. If you set the camera to rapid-fire burst mode, it can take between 1 and 9 photos. Any photo taken with Stealth Cam Single Box Trail Camera during the day is brightly colored while the ones taken at night are in black and white-colored.

Stealth Cam Trail Camera

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It also features the geo-tag function, which allows you to track and find your favorite locations using Optimal GPS tagging. By enabling the password protection feature, it keeps the camera locked to anyone other than you. So, if it gets stolen or lost, nobody can have access to the files on the camera.

It supports SD card storage of up to 32 GB, and 8 AA batteries and an external power jack for a battery box power of 12V. At optimal settings, the camera is designed to have a battery life of up to one year.

Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

The Moultrie A-Series Game camera is one of the best trail cameras under $100, and it is quite perfect for you if you are looking for quality performance. It takes clear images, and its video recordings have a resolution of up to 1280 x 720p. It can take up to 16,000 photos. At optimal settings, the camera can last for seven months on 8 AA batteries. It also supports the 12-volt external battery pack.

Moultrie Trail Cameras

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It has a trigger speed of fewer than 0.7 seconds for capturing motion, and with a Class 4 SD card or higher, you will bring out the best out of this trail camera. It comes with 32 flashlights and comes with two different image resolutions – 1920 x 1080 and 4608 x 2592.

Apeman Trail Camera 20MP 1080P

This is another hunting camera that comes with a lot of impressive features. It is one of the most sought after and best trail cameras under $100 thanks to its excellent night vision functionality. This one is suitable for both home surveillance and for scouting the wild.

It features a 20-megapixel lens and a day/night sensor that produces clear pictures regardless of the time of the day. This camera can capture images up to a resolution of 1080P, and it renders the animals as clear and vivid as possible.

Apeman Trail Camera

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The unit of this camera comes with a strap and a set of wall mount to accommodate various uses. The strap is for outdoor scouting, and the wall mount is for home security surveillance. It is easy to set up, and it has a waterproof design that ensures that you can use it outdoors in any environment.

Some of the functions that it features include IR brightness, Sensitivity, and PIR intervals to make the camera itself adaptable to any situation. The trigger speed of the PIR sensor is quite fast, and it captures movement in real-time to ensure that you capture every important shot and detail.


There you have it for the best trail cameras under $100. These cameras are listed in no particular order; so, anyone you decide to buy will definitely deliver. Whether it is for those animals in the wild or to beef up the security in your home or office, these cameras are quite effective, and they serve their purpose well.

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