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In this article, We’ll show you How to Download FileLinked APK Free for Android & FireStick and also show you steps to How to Install FileLinked App on Android and Firestick/Fire TV.

Within your Android smartphone or Firestick OS, there is a native OS restriction upon how many files you can download. Moreover, there are is also some restrictions on the server end with regards to certain apps. Some apps may have been removed on the Play Store or you may just want to batch download several at once without having to go through the installation cycle.

Filelinked APK for Android and FireStick

It is not only cumbersome to search, wait for installation, and repeat this cycle but having to wait for them to download depending upon your internet bandwidth is also tiring. This is where FileLinked comes in, as it not only allows you to download apps in batches but also downloads other apps that have been removed from the Amazon app store or Play store with a generated code.


FileLinked APK allows you to install apps in batches with a generated code from the server. All you need to do is to add the files to the server and generate a code, which you can copy and paste it into the app to download your file(s), either one by one or in a batch setting.

Features of FileLinked

Here are the features you can expect from the FileLinked App:

  • Side-loading Apps

Oftentimes, the native OS in any device does not allow downloading apps from third-party sources. But this problem becomes a serious issue if your favorite app or third-party app is not available on the Play Store. To solve this, you need to side-load apps, that is, install them by getting around the system’s restrictions. FileLinked not only helps in sideloading apps but also download your favorite third-party apps removed from the Amazon app store or Play Store.

  • Batch Downloads

With the mechanism of backend file storing and downloading, the application files that you want to download are indexed on the server, to fetch right away. This means, that not only can you download multiple files, but queue them as per your requirement and forget till they’re done downloading.

Download FileLinked APK Free

Name FileLinked
App Version



Bulk Downloader Tool

App Size


Supported Android Version

4.2 and up

Last Update Feb 2021
License Type Free
Download File FileLinked APK

How to Install FileLinked on Android

Installing FileLinked on Android TV Box setup is easy and straightforward. You need to sideload the FileLinked app, and using the steps below you can start using and downloading third-party and other apps in batches of many at a time. Moreover, this method would also work in Android smartphones, as the OS folder and locations are similar if not exactly the same. In case any webpage is not opening, you should install a VPN service app and try switching locations.

  • First, open your installed browser, which can be either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox among any other installations on your device. Type: “” in the browser URL bar and press enter. With this, your download should start immediately.
  • Once downloaded, you should locate the file in your system, or directly access the browser “Downloads” tab in settings or in the sidebar.
  • To locate the app in the system, use either the default file manager or any other file explorer installed on your Android device. The app will open to reveal the various folders and files present.
  • Locate the “Downloads” folder in the list of folders, and click on it to access the downloaded files from the browser. Here you can see the downloaded FileLinked APK. Click on the app/file icon with the .apk extension to begin the installation.
  • Now that the app has started installing, you can see a progress bar visible on your Android TV Box/smartphone. Click “Finish” if another dialog box shows up to indicate a successful installation.
  • Next, find the FileLinked application installed in your system, and just click on it to start using the app with the generated codes that you have.

How to Install FileLinked on FireStick/Fire TV

By default, the FileLinked application is not available on the Amazon app store on your Firestick/Fire TV. So you need to sideload it to download and enjoy batch downloading and using your favorite apps without the restrictions of the Amazon app store. In case any link does not open, we highly recommend using a VPN service to change server locations.

  • On the main screen of your Amazon Fire TV portal, go to the “Settings” tab on the top. After clicking on the “Settings” tab, you should see another menu open up. Depending upon the software version you should see either “My Fire TV” or “Device” with an icon of a rectangular box. By clicking on it, you can alter your device settings, and a list with several options should open up.
  • In this list, click on the “Developer Options” setting, and under the sub list that opens up, select “Apps from Unknown Sources” and toggle it on. If you see a prompt, select the “Turn On” orange box. Now you’re ready to install any third-party apps without any restrictions.
  • Now, head back to the home screen of your Fire TV portal and click on the “Search” icon/bar. Here type in “Downloader” and a carousel will open up showcasing various apps. Click on the single “Downloader” titled orange icon app. Click on it, and then click on “Download”. Once downloaded and installed (automatically), you should be able to see the “Open” button.
  • In the permissions prompts which open, allow the Downloader app access to write and read photos by clicking on the “Allow” button. Do the same for any other prompts that open up, but do give them a read to see what you’re allowing.
  • Now, type in the URL bar of the Downloader app and type in the following address to download the FileLinked app: “”. After clicking enter on this URL, the download should start immediately.
  • Here, click on the “Install” button and you should be done. After this, your app will be successfully installed in your Fire TV OS. Just in case you want to free up the memory taken by the downloaded “Downloader” app, head to the file manager, then “Downloads” folder, locate the .apk file and delete it.
  • Now, you can see the app in the “Your Apps and Games” section. Click on the FileLinked app to start downloading your favorite apps.


FileLinked app is very similar to the several “Downloader” category apps but stands its ground with its unique mechanism. The app not only allows you to download several apps at once but also access them easily with a generated code which is used to create an index for them on the FileLinked server. Installing and using the app is easy and free of any unnecessary hurdles/sophistication.

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