Free Photoshop Online for PC Review: Pros & Cons

Want to improve photos for Instagram but don’t have Photoshop? Don’t worry since you can use this good free alternative to Photoshop for your basic tasks.

The Free Photoshop Online Version for PC allows editing photographs, applying effects, filters, adding text, cropping, and resizing images. It is more than enough for basic edits. Plus, the program has layers, which expand the range of possible alterations with images. This feature will appeal to professionals.

Most users choose this tool because it is available online. Thus, they can keep the disk space uncluttered. Moreover, you can also launch the software on your smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need is a stable Internet connection.


Although free online Photoshop for PC has many useful features, it is suitable only for basic image editing operations. If you are interested in complicated alteration, you should address a professional photo manipulation service.

PROS: Power within a Browser

Forget about time-consuming downloading and installation! This online Photoshop for computer works right in your browser. In other words, it’s a modern web app that you can use in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge powered by Chromium.

However, it’s not a standard installation. You don’t have to download an installation file. The application works in a browser while all editing manipulations are performed on your PC. Plus, everything is stored on your device without involving servers or clouds. The program is compatible with any computer including those running Windows 10 in S Mode and Chromebooks.

PROS: Editing Anywhere


Using this online tool, you can edit photos anywhere. Plus, it supports PSD files and offers layer editing. You can edit your photo no matter where it is located, be it cloud, USB drive, or any other media. It is a convenient program to apply quick changes with minimum effort.

Of course, this plugin isn’t aimed at professionals. However, it offers great functions taking into account it is free nature. Moreover, it is a perfect option if you need to improve some photos being far from a computer.

Online Photoshop is an ideal variant for average users, being absolutely user-friendly.

PROS: Supports Most of the File Formats


The free online Photoshop for PC supports Photoshop’s PSD, JPEG, PNG, DNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, and other image file formats. It works smoothly with the most popular browsers like Opera, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Remember that using this photo editing software, you don’t have to download or upload anything. All files are stored on your computer.

PROS: User-Friendly Editor with Plenty of Features

This plugin offers batch image processing feature. Thus, you can edit, crop, resize, and transform dozens of photos at one go. Moreover, you can upload your own fonts and add them to photographs. Another favored feature is collaborative editing. This way you can invite colleagues to work on images together.


Some other features:

  • Auto Select. Auto-selection of an object to improve it.
  • Effects and Filters. Quick adjustment of the tone by using powerful tools and photo effects.
  • Enhancement Tools. Adjust colors, get rid of blemishes, fix poor lighting, remove red-eye in portraits, etc.
  • Remove Objects. Convenient brush to efficiently erase unwanted objects/content from photos.
  • Transform Tools. Crop, resize, rotate, reflect, distort, and apply perspective to photos with minimum effort.
  • Text Tool. Add and modify text in different styles and font types in photos.
  • Social Media Integration. Integrate the software with social media for better reach and coverage.
  • Import-Export Option. Import/export data as PDF, PNG, HTML files.
  • Revision Control. You can store file editing history to review changes and revert mistakes.

PROS: Easy to Use


If you know how Photoshop works, mastering this online program will be a breeze. All tools are arranged at the top and on the left panel.

Step-by-step guide on how to use this image editor:

  • Start your PC and connect to the Internet.
  • Launch your web browser and open this free Photoshop online for PC.
  • Click on “File” in the top left corner.
  • Create a “New Project” or you can upload existing image files from your PC.
  • Get down to image editing.

When you are ready with the photo, you can save it as PSD (File – Save as PSD) or export it as PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, or PDF.

CONS: Gets Slow with Many Layers

When working with complex projects, you may experience performance drops. The thing is that layers disappear sometimes or are shown in a different color.

CONS: It’s Online

It is a free online tool that works great in case your Internet connection is okay. However, if the connection is unstable or you don’t have access to the web, using the online Photoshop for computer is not your option.

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