How to Add Characters to Mugen (2021) [Easy Method]

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If you are looking out How to Add Characters to Mugen, you will have to follow some steps listed on this post to ensure that your need is met. After downloading Mugen on your device and following the procedures to run it, you have a smooth going game with no bugs or lags.

To enjoy playing Mugen on your Mac device, however, you may need to download your favourite characters, since there are only two characters available on initial download. Download Mugen on your Mac device may be almost impossible, but follow this guide to easily play Mugen on Mac.

How to Add Characters to Mugen

How to Add Characters to Mugen

  • Search for Mugen Archive
  • Select your Preferred Characters from the options on your screen or do a personal Search if you cannot find the character you want from the displayed options
  • Download the characters you want for free
  • Go to the characters’ Download location
  • Open the folder that holds the character
  • Copy the text that has the character written with .def behind the characters’ title
  • Now, open Mugen folder, then open Char
  • Drag the character folder that holds the character to Char in Mugen Folder
  • Open data just beneath char in Mugen folder
  • Click on Select.def
  • You have a few options to open “def” with but choose to open with TextEdit
  • A new display pops up, scroll down through the texts until yous see enter your characters below
  • Paste the character you copied and delete .def
  • Enter the character and quit
  • You can open Mugen again and enjoy your gameplay with your favourite characters.


Playing Mugen on your Mac device with your favourite characters may seem like a journey to a faraway land, but it is very easy. If you follow the procedures accordingly, you will have to add your favourite characters to Mugen with no issues. So here’s a chance to play your favourite game on your Mac device. An opportunity you won’t like to miss out on!

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