How to Create a Killer Instagram Profile for Business

How to Create a Killer Instagram Profile for Business

Instagram has been a great tool for business owners. With more than a billion users active on this platform, it makes for an amazing place for doing business. However, it isn’t easy to catch the attention of people. Since most businesses are aware of social media platforms such as Instagram and already using it for growing their business, you need to go the extra mile.

How to create a killer Instagram profile for business

Many users buy Instagram views as there are the best sites available for the same. It helps users in getting started and leads to an increase in engagement on Instagram. However, buying users isn’t enough if you are here for the long term. You need to apply other techniques to ensure that your profile stands out among other businesses of the same niche. Don’t worry, we have you covered on that.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways by which you can amp up your Instagram profile:

  1. Change your Instagram profile to a business profile

Many newcomers on Instagram make the mistake of using their public Instagram profile for their business. While there is nothing wrong with it, you are missing out on a lot of business tools provided by the Instagram business.

This has been introduced to especially help out businesses as it distinguishes them from general profiles of people. This ultimately makes it easy for people to discover businesses that they might be interested in.

  1. Mention your tagline/punchline in bio

Taglines might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you should think of a witty line that would perfectly sum up your business in one line. Why is it important? Well, since the presentation is important, if you can concisely write about your business, it’ll help your followers understand easily. Charm your bio with some unique and fancy content, there are many instagram font generators available online that can help you to get your work done.

Punchlines are also important as they help in making your business stand out from others. So, while writing one for yourself, keep it original and short that won’t take up all the space in the bio. It also helps the Instagram community understand your personality well.

  1. Add the link to your website

Instagram is a place to market business and increase customers. You can easily meet the right people who will help you grow your business manifolds. However, for that, you need to make the most of your Instagram profile. Apart from having a killer punchline, you should also add a link to your website in the bio.


It will be easier for customers to browse through your website if they like what you have posted on Instagram. Making things smooth for a customer is important for businesses to retain them, so your focus should be on minimizing efforts made by customers.

  1. Create an aesthetic profile

What makes you want to visit an Instagram page again? While content quality is important, we human beings adore beauty and love going back to things that please our eyes. Having an aesthetic profile helps in attracting more customers.

How can you create one?

Select on a color tone first. Do you want pastels or do you want them to be monochromatic? Whatever you choose should be in line with your business and niche. It should resonate with your brand and what you are trying to sell.

  1. Use hashtags

The use of hashtags is extremely important on social media platforms. They increase visibility and bring you to the feed of people following the same type of content or accounts. While Instagram allows the usage of 30 hashtags in the caption, don’t go overboard with it.

To select hashtags for your Instagram posts, focus on the ones that are trending in your niche. Place them accordingly so that your caption doesn’t look too overcrowded. Using hashtags will place you in the feed of your targeted customers which helps in driving business.

  1. Collaborate with creators

Whether the business is big or small, having someone do small gigs for your products/services always pays, especially on social media networks. Instagram is a breeding place for creativity and to remain on top of everything you need to do better in all aspects. Collaborating with content creators or influencers will only help in boosting your business.


If they give a shoutout to your products/services or describe them in their videos using humor, your business is more likely to get noticed than simply marketing it all by yourself. While selecting a creator, go with the one who works in your niche as that will be better for your business.

  1. Use the Instagram story feature

The story feature of Instagram has been pretty popular. Most of the time, people might miss your content on their feed. However, stories are hard to miss and people are always curious to see them. You can share your post on your story so that people don’t miss it.

Apart from that, stories can be used to link the landing pages you have created for promotional offers. By sending customers directly to landing pages, you save their time and provide something of value to them.


Instagram is a great place for doing business, especially small businesses that are just starting. By creating a good profile and using some basic tools and techniques, you can actually create a good customer base. However, since there is already a lot of competition around, try to keep up with all the trends in your niche.

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