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We’ll give you tips on How to Fix Minecraft Not Responding. You can try the solutions below to fix this error.

You are trying to enjoy your favourite Minecraft game but the Not Responding error keeps getting in the way! It is no new issue as this problem often comes up with Minecraft players. This error may occur due to different reasons like incompatible software, use of outdated Minecraft apps or display drivers, presence of bugs or lags, and even hardware issues. The good thing is, all the problems associated with the Minecraft Not Responding problem can be solved adequately if the troubleshooting procedures/steps are followed accordingly.

How to Fix Minecraft Not Responding

However, before looking into the software related issues, you must ensure that your computer and its peripherals meet or exceed the minimum requirement for the adequate functioning of the app. To solve the software related issues for the Minecraft Not Responding problem, follow the steps below:

Solution 1: Discord Overlay

Some Minecraft users/players have confirmed that the Minecraft not Responding problem may be caused by your Discord Overlay. To solve this problem, you have to either disable or close (stop) Discord Overlay from functioning. To do this, follow the guides below:

  • Close all unnecessary apps or programs running including Minecraft.
  • Open “Task Manager” by clicking on ctrl, shift, and ESC simultaneously.
  • Go to Discord and select “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Overlay” icon and turn the power icon off.

After this, check if Minecraft is working again. If not, follow the next procedure.

Solution 2: Disable/Uninstall Softwares that are not Compatible

Software that provides protection against viruses like Norton may give too much protection and block some applications from running properly on your computer. You can replace such software and other apps that are not compatible with Minecraft operations on your computer. You should know that Minecraft is a harmless gaming app supported by Javascript and it poses no harm to your device. After removing, replacing, or disabling incompatible apps from your device, you can try launching Minecraft again. If the “Minecraft Not Responding” issue persists, follow the next fix

Solution 3: Update Device/Display Drivers

The problem with Minecraft Not Responding is also linked to corrupted drivers or outdated device/display drivers, sound cards, and even the network adapter driver. Your graphics card driver is responsible for displaying your game and other programs on your computer correctly, Therefore, if corrupted or outdated, Minecraft may not be properly displayed on your screen, hence the Minecraft not Responding problem. You can fix this problem by updating your device drivers either manually or automatically. Performing this action manually is quite stressful, therefore the automatic update is recommended.

To Manually update your device drivers, you need to download the latest versions of the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. You can search for it on the internet using your preferred browser and follow the download/update instructions.

For the Automatic update, you can use Driver Easy. This app automatically discovers faults on your drivers and corrects them. You are guaranteed systematic sync with an indication of faults or errors that needs to be corrected. All you need to do is search for the app and download it from your preferred browser or through This Link.

Solution 4: Run as Administrator

If Minecraft has restricted access on your computer, it may come up with the Minecraft Not Responding issue, therefore, you are advised to run Minecraft as administrator. To do this,

  • Go to the location of the Minecraft app on your computer.
  • Right-click the app and hit the “Properties” option below.
  • Select the option “Compatibility”.
  • Mark the tab that reads “Run this program as an administrator”.
  • Click on “Apply” and then “Ok”.

If these troubleshooting options will not solve the Minecraft not Responding problem, try disabling Mods if you have them installed, as added Mods could be the issue and also try Uninstalling Minecraft from your computer and installing again. If this problem persists, perform an update on Windows and/or Java, it might be the solution you have been looking for.


Minecraft Not Responding is a problem that many Minecraft users are often faced with, so do not panic if you have this issue. Just follow either of the above steps accordingly and enjoy your favourite gameplay again. Remember the problem may be traced to hardware issues and incompatibility, therefore, ensure you do a balance check beforehand so you do not waste your time fixing the wrong issues.

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