How to Insert Multiple Pictures on PowerPoint with a Mac Device

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How to Insert Multiple Pictures on PowerPoint with a Mac Device

Although it may seem a little unusual to use a slide on a Mac device, it is possible. Automator can be used to create slides on PowerPoint on your Mac. (Although you might not use Automator often, it is still available on all Mac devices.) Slide allows you to insert multiple images and add effects.

How to Insert Multiple Pictures on PowerPoint with a Mac Device

Inserting Multiple Pictures into PowerPoint on Mac Using slide

Although slides cannot be run on Macs, there is a way to allow Mac users to open PowerPoint slides and insert multiple pictures into PowerPoint. These steps are simple, quick, and work miracles. Follow these steps to import multiple photos into PowerPoint on your Mac device.

  • Find Automator on your Mac device using Spotlight.
  • Choose the icon that holds the application and Open it.
  • By default settings, Workflow has been selected, So you have to click on “Application” to select it, and click “Choose”.
  • Go to Library and select “Files and Folders“.
  • From the dropdown menu displayed on your screen, find “Ask for Finder Items” from the top and drag to Workflow space.
  • Scroll down, until you get to presentations under the library.
  • Search for the text, “Create new PowerPoint Picture Slideshows” and drag to Workflow space again. Place it beneath the “Ask for Finder Item” workspace.
  • Return to the workspace allocated to “Ask for Finder Item“.
  • Tick, “Allow Multiple Selections“. You will not be allowed to insert multiple PowerPoint pictures if you do not follow this procedure.
  • Save this Automated progress and name it as you like for easy identification.
  • You should also save it to your desktop for easy access and use.
  • Minimize or quit the page.
  • From your desktop, click on the Slideshow file you have created.
  • Select the photos you will like to insert on PowerPoint (select as much as you want).
  • A new display will be shown on your screen. PowerPoint will open, and you will see the selected images slide by slide.
  • Interestingly, you will have each image centered on the slide as it moves rapidly, with a smaller display of several images by the side.
  • You can scroll up and down on the side display to check that your images are complete.
  • You can also add effects to your slide and create a great slideshow presentation.


Once you have all of this done, you are able to insert as many images as you like on PowerPoint by simply using the slide on your Mac device. It is also possible to edit your display and add effects. These steps are very simple, but you need to follow them in order to avoid any problems with inserting images or slide displays.

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