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Playing SWTOR on Mac may seem impossible but, Bootcamp, Virtual Machines, or Wine can make this impossible task possible. Follow this guide to play SWTOR on Mac.

SWTOR is a role-playing game that involves multiple players and is based on the Star Wars universe. Although it is  Windows supported, you can play this game on your Mac device comfortably which is very cool. Since Mac users have found a way of running Windows games and applications on their device, you can enjoy playing your favourite games on your Mac by using either Boot Camp assistant, Virtual Machines, or Wine.

SWTOR on Mac

How to Install and Play SWTOR on Mac

For this article, we will be using Wine through PlayOnMac, to download and install SWTOR on Mac. Though the download process may take more time than normal, it is very easy and is certain to create a platform to enjoy SWTOR and other Windows supported games and applications. Follow the steps below to download your favourite Star Wars game:

Configuration of Wine on PlayOnMac

  • Start by Downloading SWTOR installer from this Link
  • On PlayOnMac menu, go to the top bar and select “Tools”, then manage Wine versions
  • From the Wine version tab (x86), hit 2.20-staging, then move it to the right, so PlayOnMac will download your selected version
  • Hit the “Configure” bar on the PlayOnMac menu after the download has been completed.
  • Click on the “New” bar at the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click “Next”, then you will be welcomed by a new display
  • Select the 32 bits Windows installation type
  • Select the 2.20 Wine version option from the list on your screen and hit “Next”
  • Give your Virtual drive any name you want
  • After creating the virtual drive, return to the configuration page and open the drive you just created
  • Go to the “Install component” tab
  • Install these components
    • d3dx9
    • directx9
    • crypt32

If it fails to install on your first try, keep trying.

  • After the installation, move to the Display bar
  • Click on the dropdown menu, on the Video memory size and pick the number that matches the size of your graphic drive’s memory
  • Move to the Wine tab
  • Select “Configure Wine
  • Select Windows 10 on the Windows version dropdown menu
  • Move to the “Miscellaneous tab
  • Choose the option to run the file in a virtual drive

Proceed with SWTOR installation

After the successful configuration of Wine on PlayOnMac, you can proceed with SWTOR installation

  • Go to the location you Downloaded SWTOR installation file (exe)
  • Click on it and ignore “Error” as the installation page opens
  • Select your preferred language and click on “Next” until you are taken to the installation type
  • Make sure you do not CUSTOM INSTALL, rather let the installation be express
  • After the installation is complete, cancel the option to launch the game and finish the installation
  • When SWTOR has been successfully installed on PlayOnMac, Click on “run a .exe file in this virtual driveagain
  • Go to the game’s folder

PlayOnMac’s virtual Drive → The name of your wrapper → drive_c → Program files → Electronic arts → BioWare→ Star Wars -The Old Republic → launcher.exe

  • Open the launcher and Enter your details and log in
  • An error would occur requesting for administration rights
  • Return to the configuration page and click on “open virtual drive’s directory
  • Go back to the game’s folder
  • Use TextEdit to open settings
  • Edit bitraider from false to true
  • Save the file, launch the launcher again and log in your details
  • Your game will start downloading now. Note that if the error comes up again, edit the file again, disable bitraider and set the patching mode to SSN
  • The game size is very large, so it will take a while to download
  • Install and Launch.

After the successful installation of SWTOR on your device, you can create a shortcut for easy access.

  • Return to the configuration page and hit the “make a new shortcut from this virtual drivebar
  • Select launcher .exe and name the shortcut
  • The shortcut will appear on your homepage and you can simply double-tap it to play SWTOR on your Mac device


You can now play SWTOR or any other Windows supported game on your Mac device using Wine on PlayOnMac. Follow the steps accordingly to ensure you get no hitch or lags and enjoy playing your favourite game on your Mac device.

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