How to Remove Dropbox from Mac (2021) – Completely Uninstall Guide

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If you are looking out to completely remove dropbox from your Mac device, you will have to follow some steps to ensure that your need is met. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that allows you to stream files online and transfer files across different devices. It also allows you to back up your files to the cloud for safekeeping.

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac Completely

Taking Dropbox off your device can be done very easily, with the simple procedures below. You can opt for a few other advanced procedures if you find the prior procedure unattainable. You should know that if you remove or uninstall dropbox from your Mac or any other device, it does not affect your dropbox account and your already saved or synced files. Rather the app is completely off your device but can be re-installed at your will.

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac

How to Uninstall Dropbox from Mac

  • On your Mac device, click on the Dropbox icon on your menu.
  • Click on your “Profile Picture” menu or “Initials” and choose the option “Preference
  • Select the “Account” bar
  • Click on the action “Unlink this dropbox
  • Click on the Dropbox icon again from your Mac’s menu
  • Again, click on your “Profile Picture” or “Initials” and choose the action “Quit Dropbox
  • Go to your Mac’s finder and open Applications folder
  • Drag the Dropbox application from your Dropbox folder and put it in the trash.

After this process, Dropbox would be successfully uninstalled and removed from your Mac device, but the files saved on the Dropbox folder will still be intact. You can remove your Dropbox folder by moving it to trash, in the same manner, you moved Dropbox Application. This process will remove the contents of your local Dropbox, i.e., files that have not been synced to the cloud.

If you have issues uninstalling Dropbox after following the procedure above, you can follow these instructions and use the technique below to uninstall Dropbox from your Mac device successfully.

  • Go to Application folders on your Mac device
  • Click on Utilities and select Activity Monitor
  • Look for the line that spells Dropbox on the Activity Monitor
  • Click on the action “X” to force stop or quit the app process
  • Repeat the fourth process on every line that spells Dropbox
  • Try to Uninstall the app again following the first procedure

You can also uninstall Dropbox Conceptual Menu through these functions.

  • Go to finder on your Mac device and choose “Go to Folder” or use the instant command “Shift + Command + G
  • When a dialog box appears, copy and paste the line that follows into the dialog box and click the return key
  • Move the Dropbox Helper Tools to trash


Uninstall Dropbox from your Mac device conveniently with the above option. If you have problems uninstalling Dropbox, follow the second procedure to “Force stop” the app and go through the process of uninstalling the app again. You can also delete the Dropbox folder and get rid of files that are not synced to the cloud yet. You can also Uninstall Dropbox Conceptual Menu and have your Mac device completely and stay free from running the application.

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