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We’ll give you tips on How to Solve “Firestick Won’t Turn On“. A problem may arise with all kinds and types of devices, people, accessories, generally anything that lives either naturally or artificially. It is normally expected to have issues with your Firestick devices.

Amazon Firestick Won’t Turn On

Your firestick may not come on for different reasons. Which could include audio and video issues, app error, blank homepage, physical connection issues, internet/Wi-Fi connection issues, issues with the firestick remote, modem or router issues amongst others?

How to Solve “Firestick Won’t Turn On

Common Problems Faced in Powering Your Firestick Device with Solutions

Having problems with the physical connection could occur when the HDMI port is not properly connecting to the television, this could be solved by removing and re-plugging the HDMI port.

Also, when your remote battery is too low to power your firestick, it may not come on. Always make sure your remote batteries have enough charge to power your firestick device.

Poor electric current, poor internet connection, using the wrong password could disrupt connection or cause your firestick to not come on.

If you think the problem is from the router or the modem, then follow these easy tips to correcting the problem to solve “Firestick Won’t Turn On”.

  • Ensure that the router and modem meet the requirements needed to function with your firestick.
  • Make sure your modem has the required router specification. Could be either, N and A routers on 5GHz or N, G and B routers on 2.4GHz.
  • If these requirements are proper and you have other issues with your router and modem, it is advisable to get in touch with either your internet service provider for expertise service.

If the problem of your firestick not coming on is from your internet connection, you can use the usage tool for network on your firestick to know the problem with your connection.

You can access the usage tool in the “settings” menu on your television and click on the network. Click on the pause/play button on your television remote to know if your firestick has an active connection to the internet.

You can also restart your firestick as it could be the solution to the problem. You can remove the plug from the socket for a few seconds and put back or use your firestick remote. Go to settings, click on the option device, then restart.


Issues may come up with your firestick device but can be easily resolved by patiently diagnosing the problem and proffering the best available solution.

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