Top 10 Best Applications for Linux (2021)

What is Linux?

The most well-known and widely used open-source system is Linux. Linux is an operating system that sits on top of all the other computer operating systems, accepting requests from all other applications and passing those instructions to the machine’s hardware.

Top 10 Best Applications for Linux

Linux is comparable to all other computer systems you would have been using for the past, like Windows, macOS (previously OS X), and iOS in several respects. Linux, like specific operating systems, includes a graphical user interface also, the same kinds of applications you’re used to, including word processors, picture editors, and videographers. In many situations, the author of a program may have created a Version of Linux of the same program you run on other platforms. In a nutshell, Linux can be used by anybody who would use computers and other digital devices.

Some of the most popular and useful apps for Linux are

1. Firefox

Firefox is just the default browser for several Linux distributions, including Ubuntu & Linux Mint. One of the browser’s numerous advantages is its easy and fluid layout. For example, Firefox will automatically play Clips on YouTube and, therefore, can install plug-ins to additional stream formats. In addition, the browser automatically updates itself, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the most recent version.

2. Thunderbird

Thunderbird, another Mozilla product, is a free-of-cost and efficient email service. The setup process will gently explain establishing a new email account or configuring an older one. You may add so many more logins as you like to Thunderbird’s database, which provides email settings across all regular providers.

3. Libre office

LibreOffice is a full-fledged office suite comparable to commercial equivalents such as Microsoft Office. While the user interface may appear to be simple, this product contains several sophisticated capabilities.

Ubuntu has many variants; the LibreOffice word-processing Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, and presentations tool Impress are preloaded. Draw, Mathematics, and Base are all three lesser-known applications used to alter vector drawings, create mathematical formulas, and maintain databases.

4. VLC media player

VLC is often recognized for a DVD player, but it may also be used for various other tasks. For example, it acquires codecs for nearly every type of music or video once it’s installed, so you’re rarely to reencounter playing difficulties. DVDs may also be played using the program.

5. Shot cut

The shot cut is an open-source video editing software that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It offers a broad selection of media and edit effects, as well as compatibility for the most recent audio and video formats such as 4K. This app is also the perfect fit for Android and iOS system. Your videos can be the best for your device.


A free picture editor known as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is used to resize, apply layers, as well as other practical effects to photos to edit and enhance them. These can be accessed using the toolbar or sidebar options. In addition, the GIMP site features a large number of tutorials.

7. Audacity

Audacity, also known as the music editing software, lets you store and manipulate sounds. Audacity will not only capture audio from many sources (such as USB microphones or a guitar), but it could also compress and edit recordings. It also allows various tracks, enabling users to record words and background music independently.

8. Visual studio code

Visual Studio Code offers Microsoft’s free coding text editor, which currently supports not just Windows as well as macOS and the Red Hat Linux families and Debian. In addition, it contains many plugins, as well as shortcut keys, code restructuring, debugging, even Git integration.

9. Virtual box

VirtualBox is a free software virtual machine that supports a variety of operating systems, including Linux. Despite being licensed by Oracle; it has been the only free-of-cost professional virtualization software that is available.

It also operates on a diverse set of operating systems, featuring earlier versions like Windows 3 and DOS, as well as OpenBSD and Solaris. It also works on Apple Mac, which can host a user Mac VM session for iPhone users.

10. Clam AV

Although viruses meant to attack Windows cannot infect Linux devices, your PC may unintentionally transfer dangerous data to other systems, such as through an email link. In addition, there may be a few instances of malware directed at Linux computers these days.

Clam AV, an antivirus scanner that can identify a wide range of viruses, gives you some peace of mind. It can often be found on email systems, but it may also be used to search files and directories on your computer.

Which is the best Linux software?

Although, there is multiple software supported by Linux and have their exceptional offers to its users. However, Firefox is considered the best among all of them as It’s speedy and feature-rich, adheres to industry standards, and supports a diverse ecosystem for browser extensions, including themes.

Why does Linux need a VPN?

A VPN for Linux is an excellent place to start when it comes to safeguarding your Linux desktop, but you will need more for complete security. Linux, like other operating systems, contains flaws that hackers are looking to take advantage of. Hence, VeePN VPN for the Linux application is recommended for the extra safety of your files and confidential data. It is not only providing cybersecurity for your data, but also gives access to many restricted sites.


Operating systems of Linux are less susceptible and safer than Windows. First, each program in the app requires approval from the operator, who must enter a passcode. In this approach, Linux reduces the likelihood of a virus being executed. Secondly, Linux can resurrect old and outmoded machines by utilizing older systems such as firewalls, low-end systems, and backup servers, among other things. Lastly, Linux software updates are faster and easier compared to Windows software updates. All the reasons for you to get a Linux operating system!

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