Top 5 Best Apps Like Mercari for Android and iOS (2021) [Alternatives]

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If you need an app on your phone that gives you the best offers on your top brand products, just like Mercari you have tons of them. You get the best offers and bargains for your money. This app allows users to sell everything! From fashion products to cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and other accessories. It is very easy to use as all it requires is for you to download it on your mobile device (iOS and Android compatible) launch it, create an account, and start enjoying your shopping privileges. So, check out the apps like Mercari below.

Apps Like Mercari

Apps Like Mercari

Just like Mercari, there are several apps that allow you to view products, their reviews, specs, and price before you place an order or stake your money. These apps are safe and very easy to use. There are no extra charges and you shop at your leisure. The top five apps that suit these criteria are;


Letgo mobile app works perfectly on iOS and android mobile devices. Just like Mercari, it gives you a platform to shop for and sell goods within a specified region. It is very easy to use and offers you the best product packages. As a buyer, you can contact the seller if you are interested in his/her products and all the seller has to do is wait for potential buyers to contact him and make offers. It’s that simple and safe.


This is an online thrift and consignment store that allows people to sell and buy second-hand goods. It is one of the best apps where buyers can give up to 50% discounts on goods offering you the best bargain in the market. It is compatible with android and iOS mobile devices and it is very easy to use. As a seller, you don’t pay commissions for displaying your goods as the store will pay you the exact amount for goods you display.


With simple steps, this app allows you to buy and sell second-hand goods that are in very good condition. All you do is upload photos of your goods, describe the goods, and place a price on it as a buyer. Wait for potential customers to make offers and send their products within five days. It is that easy, with no extra charges and risk of getting scammed. Vinted works perfectly on ios and android mobile devices and it offers you great bargains.


Tradesy is an online fashion store. It enables millions of customers to resell their products and earn money and provides a great bargain for buyers on secondhand goods. You get the cheapest prices for luxurious wears and it creates a platform for providing world-class products to its customers at affordable prices. It works on the web, ios, and Android devices and is very safe for both parties.


This is one of the largest and most popular online stores that provide a lot of selling and buying options like the seller to a buyer, business to buyers, and even auctions deals. It is very safe and reliable offering services across the globe. You can get new or second items at the best price, enabling you to get the best bargain for your money.


These mobile apps provide the best shopping platform to its users and this is very evident as you can simply sit in the comfort of your home or office and order products that you like. They are safe and easy to use with no extra or hidden charges.

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