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In this guide, we will show you How to Download and Install True Skate APK for Android.

True Skate APK

Love skateboarding or not, a simulator for skateboarding is joy and thrill-packed into one application. The true skate lets you ride around in various locations on different skateboards, and the virtual environment is not only fun but realistic too. It is a game that comes with real-world maps to let you experience riding in those places, and there are a variety of other places to explore as well. Moreover, because of these amazing features, the app is paid for on the Google Play Store.

True Skate APK

Features of True Skate App

As one of the most realistic skateboard simulators around, True skate offers some amazing game features:

  • The single touch and play feature makes this game easy to play and enjoy in every way.
  • Moreover, True Skate also has both fantasy and real-world maps to make the experience as immersive and realistic as possible. You can also get additional maps using in-app purchases.
  • True Skate sim also allows for slow-motion, rewind, replay viewing, and other in-game features to make your experience more engaging and beautiful.
  • The parks also have elements such as pipes, rails, stairs, ramps among others to make it a bit challenging as well as close to a real-world skating experience.
  • You can also customize your board’s parts such as the deck and wheels. Moreover, the game also brings different challenges and performs stunts on the board.

Download True Skate APK Free

Name True Skate
App Version



Action & Adventure

App Size


Supported Android Version

4.1 and up

Last Update Aug 2021
License Type Paid
Download File True Skate APK

How to Install True Skate APK on Android

Since True Skate is a paid application, it is better if you update your payment preferences for purchasing in the Google Play Store:

  • Because the True Skate APK is a paid app, updating your payment preferences before purchasing rather than at the time of purchasing would be more comfortable. That is, updating your payment preferences in the Play Store settings.
  • On your Android smartphone, go to Play Store, and search for the gear icon for the “Settings” section. Click on the settings section and it will show a new window with a list of options such as “Account”,Payment methods”, “My Subscriptions”, “Redeem”, among others. Now select the “Payment methods” section and enter your card details as per your preference. You can use “Add net banking”, “Add credit or debit card”, or “Redeem code”.
  • Now that we’ve updated the payment preferences to pay from, go back to the Play Store home screen and select the search option on top. Type in “True Skate” and the results will show the app listing with the genuine app listed under the “True Axis” developer option.
  • Tap on the True Skate icon and the main app page will load showing you the price option. All you need to install True Skate now is to click on the “$X buy” option. We’ve not mentioned the price as it is subject to change from time to time. Once you have purchased it by clicking on the “$X buy” green button, and your purchase is successful, your installation will begin automatically.
  • A progress bar would be shown to indicate the installation process which is usually a couple of seconds depending upon your phone’s performance. After it is installed, you can leave the app store and find the app in your menu or home screen.


True Skate is a great skateboarding sim that gives you a real-world impression while also creating fun elements using challenges and other gamification features. Since it is a paid app, you are going to have to purchase it from the Play store and unlock some skins and features such as extra playgrounds in the game as well. The installation is easy as all you need to do is to click on the “buy” button which acts as the usual “Install” button for installing apps on the Play Store.

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